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My experience was not as good (as the bloggers.) On the same day 2 "reviewers" one starred each of my 23 books. One wrote 7 identical "reviews," saying; "Worst book I ever read. Glad I didn't have to pay for it." I wrote to both GR and Amazon to no avail. I'm 90% certain that this was all caused by one GR writer, reviewer, failed actor and failed movie producer. He is also a librarian at GR, and coupled with his computer skills can hack into things. At first I questioned if this was some sort of delusion on my part, but through searching the net I have found many, and I mean many, identical stories.

Frankly, the whole thing merely reflects the false sense of self importance many GR reviewers have; and which profit-deficient Amazon allows in return for unpaid librarian work. Yes, some writers get upset and so did I; FOR TWO MONTHS. I've come to see that experienced readers pay little attention to the GR rating system, which also skews things upward with five star author exchanged reviews. There is no evidence that any GR reviewers ratings have any effect on book sales, whatsoever. Its not exactly the New York Times or Salon.

Perhaps now, I have triggered another series of one stars; and I really don't care. It seems obvious to me that now that everyone knows the worthlessness of GR ratings, a series of one stars might get the attention of an intelligent reader. "Hey, if this guy can piss off the morons, maybe there's something here!"

I am tempted to tell GR and Amazon to go fuck themselves; but they have already accomplished that.