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Some days turn out just plain funny and this is one of them. However the “joke” offered by the one-trick-pony-anti-American conspiracy theorists is so well worn that it is necessary to find an “it’s so boring, it’s funny” mindset to provide the slightest curl of a lip. In any circumstance this will be the last thing I post on the subject. I’m going to join the club of smarter Americans who just ignore the stupidity.


I realize that in the ersatz intellectual circles of Goodreads at Amazon it is entirely de classe for a US citizen to say anything in support of their country. So call me a jingoist or anything else you’d like. I really don’t care anywhere near as much as you’d care if I merely pointed out your contradictions, silly value judgements, and preference for weak innuendo over hard fact. At the most bottom of lines, it would be best for this country to return to their pre-WWII isolationist policy and not get involved with other country’s problems. Hell, if they’re going to hate us for it, let them hate us for nothing. Let them dump their products in their own back yards and put Americans back to work. Let them break their own budgets doing the surveillance necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. If they really think that there is no such thing, perhaps they will be enlightened by the bomb a jihadist places in a supportive crack.   


Today I read a series of out and out insults written to someone with the audacity to call into question things which the foreign bookseller-conspiracy theorist said. The long story ended with a recapitulation of their “policy,” a referral to their “policy Statement,” and the absurd statement that they are better Americans than the Americans themselves. That can be answered in a myriad of ways, but suffice to offer two words containing seven letters. ................. Okay. The foreign moderators of the Hate America threads will require the specificity they don’t require when they claim US atrocities. Hint. First word begins with “E” and the second begins with “S.” They say that US leading families are reptilian, that the US created Al Qaeda and ISIS, that the federal Reserve is purposely bankrupting the world, that 6 people control 65% of the world’s resources, that if anyone speaks of these things mind-controlled assassins will eliminate them (Presumably not these two foreign operatives, though.), that the symbolism on US currency is that of a secret controlling society either called the Masons, Illuminati or a host of other names (These secret organizations ostensibly intend to maintain their clandestine existence through advertising it on papers seen by everyone in the US every day. DUH!!!!!! I think it would take the return of Dubya to come up with a plan as sound.), that a missing plane was zapped by an obliterating death ray, secretly made by aliens for the US because there were 15 scientists on board who had just finished a nasty secret project (Admittedly the conspiracy theorists occasionally show a hint of fairness. This theory was abandoned when the plane debris washed up on shore and the 15 scientists were found safely on land.), that Tesla technology which could provide everyone with free energy is suppressed, without mentioning that one large city tried to implement it and it didn’t work; that the US has covertly started every war known to man. I could go on, but I’m getting extremely bored.


I guess social media has been proving for some time now that it’s perfectly acceptable to put mental retardation on the web. What disturbs me is that a traitor is allowed to capitalize on it. That statement probably upsets some good Americans. I’d just like them to consider one thing. In a time of war these people are allowed to without proof say anything detrimental about a country they have never lived in, while they throw the burden of proof on America to prove that it didn’t do something. This is like requiring you to prove that you didn’t kill a neighbor of yours who died 20 years ago.


Other Factoids about the Conspiracy Thread;

1) It is disproportionately Arabic; and they are supposedly there to discuss books. A few members do not even write in English. Whassup with that?

2) You are free to say anything, no matter how much in piss-poor taste, about Catholics, Protestants, America, the west and your mother, but if you make the slightest of comments which might be construed as being anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-Hamas or anti-Palestinian you will suffer slings and arrows and may even be expelled from the “open to all, say whatever you want, no rules thread.

3) The evidence strongly suggests that the moderators have taken a side, and it’s not the American one.

4) One honorary member who resides in the US$-oil rich United Arab Emerites is openly anti-US, anti-Jew, and anti-Israel. He’s a bit comical in his serious audaciousness to criticize others for human rights abuses, when his now rich nation is still at least partially governed by Sharia law, and publicly stone women to death for alleged adultery.

5) He has been allowed to say such things for years. But, if you joined GR tomorrow and said something negative about someone’s book, you might be expelled. The priorities are obvious.

6) This guy amuses me too. He’s a codger who claims to have been high up in US Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence for about 20 years. He speaks authoritatively about every world event you’ve heard of and many you didn’t. He claims to have been at many of them, claims to know the behind the scenes truths of Russian and Israeli secret operations and cites conspiratorial suggestive US irregularities at every one. I sometime wonder why no one asks him why he didn’t do anything to stop it at the time. Why didn’t he at least tell someone at the time? He finds these things so appalling now, what caused the religious, Beckett-like conversion? Guess what he does in his dotage? You got it!!!! He writes books about it, just like the moderating duo.


Things are getting weirder and weirder here. This whole situation is complete bullshit, and I’m out of here.