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subject: ARTWORK
message: Artwork. Whatever. Dry-Puss precluded me from that site. Just wanted to say no beef with you, though people take sides and form gangs. No big thing. Anyone looking to make money by using GR is a chump.

This crap started with Morcan who was a buddy for a year while he probed for ideas for his shitty books. He spread some shit after I told him to just fuck off. Some idiots buy it.

As far as Dry-Puss goes he pisses me off because he's got a real gift for imagery; the kind that is memorable. But then he fills out the rest of the story with shit any ass can do. He's got a real taste for being a star; and maybe he can be one if he actually worked at the boilerplate crap. I could be wrong as his taste in music is like for angry seven year olds, trying to get attention from their mommies and daddies. I suppose I should be sad, but I don't really care.

Got loads of pictures. You classical, impressionist, surreal, dada, photo realistic or bizarro?

BTW, ain't a homophobe, but ain't one either, and could produce character witnesses if brought to court. Dry-Puss reaction shows that he is the guilty one. Joke is that while some still make a big deal of it, no one has given a shit for about half a century.

Say "fuck you, asshole." Don't mean any more to me than the shit said by the big star with the Amazon 1,500, 000 sales ranking. Writing a baseball book and ran out of gas for ten minutes. When GR deletes me again,after I'm through crying, I'll spend dead time on STGRB.

Shit, muth fucka can't even spell and implies that I'd let him see my dick. Shit, Unowhumsayin? Got a long term mama. What's Dry-Puss got? Suckups riding on his non-existent coat tails and a Quadrophenia record?